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Who owns which systems?
I am curious and also would like to know for storyline purpose's, but is there any lore that states which systems are owned by humans or Vasudans? For example is Laramis a human colonized system or is it vasudan?

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Re: Who owns which systems?
It's a subject I actually discussed with multiple people at several occasions and the FS seems to be very inconsistent... And actually nonsense in this regard.

Many of the systems "in the middle" of the starmap seems to be inhabited by both Vasudan and Terran populations and those systems are very likely to be fronline systems during T-V war. Either the borders of PVE and GTA shifted many times during the T-V war or the colonisation efforts of both sides actually happened during the war, completely ignoring it... Which sounds strange, but that's what many facts seems to suggest.

Some selected systems:
- Deneb: Despite being a neighbour to Vasuda and being heavily colonised by vasudan civilian population, this system house major terran population supporting NTF during early FS2.
- Alpha Centauri: Probably mostly vasudan, but was also point of interest of NTF as evidenced by multiplayer missions.
- Antares: Heavily contested during T-V War and populated by both species for being neighbour to Vasuda and central terran colony worlds as well.
- Betelgeuse: Despite being border system, both GTA and PVN are presumably maintaining presence here and the system is apparently important enough for Terrans to deploy Galatea there. Vasudan presence seems to be also strong. Because Betelgeuse is red supergiant at the very end of her lifespan, habitable planets are unlikely to exist, but the system may be interesting due to it's mineral deposits or scientific value.
- Ribos: Just like Betelgeuse, but probably more populated by both sides due to proximity of Antares. Important enough for GTA to maintain large station [Tombaugh] there.
- Beta Cygni: as above.
- Ikeya: Nothing indicates that this system is important for either side.
- Capella: Heavily populated by 240 millions of terrans and vasudans. Such enormous population is unlikely to migrate there during Reconstruction, so the system is likely to be old colonial world for terrans and vasudans.
- Polaris, Regulus, Sirius, Epsilon Pegasi - Despite proximity to Vasuda, those systems are likely to house mostly terran populations.
- Adhara - Large terran population, and presumably infrastructure. Enough to establish it's own, sovereign state after the fall of GTA.
- Aldebaran - Large vasudan population. Probably the largest after destruction of Vasuda Prime.
- Altair - Minor vasudan population, that likely grew after the Great War due to proximity to new Vasudan capital. This system wasn't explored by either side before the Great War and it's possible, that it was completely unknown earlier.
- Vega - Mixed, but probably mostly vasudan.
- Beta Aquilae - Mixed. Important enough for both sides to be selected as capital of the GTVA.
- Delta Serpentis - Obviously terran.
- Ross 128 - Terran. Important enough to hold at least one large installation [Riviera].
- Laramis and beyond - Confirmed to house infrastructure of numerous, big, terran corporations and one independent state during Reco, so probably mostly terran, but except the distance to core vasudan systems, I see no reason why vasudans would not be able to colonise some of those systems after the Great War.

I guess that almost no system is purely terran or purely vasudan, but majority of them have planets and station inhabited by both instead. Why this happened? I have no idea, but having vasudan neighbour even during T-V war is unlikely to be rare probably since the beginning of the part of history that both species share. I suspect that during the time of FS2, planets in FS may be covered by large patches of lands, owned by Vasudan Empire and regional, terran governments allied under GTVA banner.
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Re: Who owns which systems?
My take on it is that Vasudan space was confined to relatively few systems:
-Vasuda (obv)
-Aldebaran (new capital)
-Deneb (partitially occupied by NTF, but no mention of Terran population)
-Alpha Centauri
-Altair (in-depth exploration only began after the GW)

For a number of systems it remains unclear whether they're Terran/Vasudan/Mixed - Antares was contested, but later became the capital of one of the major post-GTA states, implying it was mostly Terran; Beta Cygni was also listed as Zod but at the same time the place where the Terrans ultimately made the shield prototypes so the presence of Vasudan forces was possibly the result of the T-V war. Vega was also a contested system, but at the same time the only access to systems that were canonically Terran in FS2 such as Capella, Enif, Polaris and Regulus with sizeable Terran populations.

In general the number of Terran systems was much larger than those run by Zods, implying different methods and goals during colonisation.


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Re: Who owns which systems?
I created this node chart which shows Terran (green) and Vasudan (red) systems at the start of The Great War. I assumed the Laramis arm would end up being mostly Terran while Polaris and Espilon Pegasi would be mostly Vasudan. The NTF killed a lot of Vasudans in those systems.

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Re: Who owns which systems?
I presume this map derived from FS1 briefings?

One of the first CBs (or the NTF intel entry?) stated that "the goverment of Sirius pleaded loyalty to the NTF" right during the beginning of the rebellion. It likely wouldnt do that if there were many Vasudans. Regulus was listed as capital of the Regulus Syndicate, one of the largest Terran post-GTA states.


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Re: Who owns which systems?
Cool thanks guys, that should help with a plot I am planning/writing

if there is any consistancy with the Shivans, it's their lack of consistancy - -Norbert-