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Issues with a defense mission
Im stuck on the mission to defend the TCS Armageddon while it moves to bombard a planet. Its just wave after wave of 15+ bombers and later on some ASM's. My wing mates cant seem to target a bomber to save their life and I cant protect every single ship in the battlegroup, anyone have any suggestions with getting past this mission?

Im also experiencing an issue where my ship will randomly switch targets to some other enemy in the area, its hard to keep a lock.

Re: Issues with a defense mission
Ahh yes, the infamous "Armageddon mission of Doom", where Wing Commander Saga's mission design fall at the seams. The really frustrating thing is that there are no special tricks or tactics that make the mission go smoothly, so there's a big part of luck in it, namely that your "attack any enemy"-ordered wingmen will actually target some of the bombers.

So really the only things that I can suggest are :
- Turning down the difficulty as much as you are comfortable with - it will increase the bomber's lock time, and thus make things slightly more fair.
- Load up dumbfire missiles if you aren't already - a single missile should one-shot (or nearly one-shot) a bomber.
- Since you'll need to jump all over the place for the duration of the mission, make sure to use the afterburn-glide trick in order to avoid running out of fuel - that is, make a short afterburn to get to max speed, then toggle glide and coast to your target.

Re: Issues with a defense mission
is the lock randomization part of the mission?

Re: Issues with a defense mission
What do you mean by lock randomization ? Do you mean your wingmen targeting hostile crafts at random ?

If so, it's actually part of most WCS missions, the designer just slapped a basic "break and attack" type of order whenever hostile ships arrive in the area, meaning that they simply engage the nearest target. It works well enough on standard patrol missions, but escort missions typically require more efficient wingman management - basically have some ships break and engage at will, while others focus on the bombers and/or stay close to the ships you need to defend. In other games, the player can actually order its allies around and thus override the default orders set up by the mission designer to decide their own defense tactics, but WCS made the choice to prevent the player from giving any sort of order to their wingmates.

Re: Issues with a defense mission
No, I had an issue where after a few minutes into the mission my locks on ships would suddenly change to other ships and it was really hard to maintain a lock on a single ship for more then 30 seconds or so.

Re: Issues with a defense mission
Oh, I have no idea then. Maybe the "auto-target nearest hostile" thing is borked ? Normally, the game automatically newly arrived hostile ships when you don't currently have a target, so my only guess would be that the game mistakenly retargets whenever new waves of bad guys arrive? but I honestly don't know.