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Community and Moderation Standards Discussions (Consolidated)

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Yeah, we're trying to encourage an environment where we ideally don't have to step in and intervene in most cases, because people are taking that extra moment before they hit post to consider what they're saying.

A brief review of the draft standards as they existed when this post was made:

1: Makes sense, though is admittedly less of a rule and more of a general description.
2: Wouldn't use "speaking it loudly in a restaurant" as the excuse for getting booted as that long-term would see anyone booted for causing a disruption, but otherwise good.
3: Good, like the idea.
4: This honestly does seem like it could be misused with veiled attacks being attempted to be excused under the pretext of "holding [a user] to account." All for holding users to task and mitigating bad behavior before the moderators have to step in, but it does feel like this has the potential to be exploited.
5: I can support that. Less interpersonal drama, the better.
6: Makes sense. Going from 0 to 100 would certainly drive contributing members of the community off.
7: Sensible to prevent conflicts of interest.
8: Makes sense.
9: This does potentially cause issues with people who aren't necessarily fit for moderator getting the position simply because a vocal part of the community wants them. I would recommend against this.
10: Sensible.
11: Makes sense.


--- Quote ---The community is encouraged to self-regulate and hold its own users to account.  This does not mean backseat moderation.  This does mean that social interactions such as mockery, swearing, and sarcasm are permitted to a reasonable extent.
--- End quote ---
I would remove this part entirely and replace it with Joshua's suggestion. Allowing and actually sanctioning users mocking other users will, I predict, promote toxicity, lead the formation of cliques and leads to problems down the line very similar to the ones that caused the creation of this thread. It is, to be frank, a terrible idea.


--- Quote from: MP-Ryan on February 06, 2021, 05:10:19 pm ---I'm going to leave some of the other new comments alone for general user feedback and agreement/disagreement/alternatives.  To Joshua's point about transphobia, I really didn't want a list of every bad behaviour, but this is a legitimate point so I'm going to re-phrase; see the text update.

--- End quote ---

I like this re-phrase.

--- Quote from: Aardwolf on February 06, 2021, 02:17:03 pm ---Assume good faith
--- End quote ---

I agree with this. As a second draft

Please think before you post. At HLP we strive towards a co-operative, constructive and friendly community. Before you post, go through your post again and ask yourself: "Do I look like a dick for saying things this way?". Remember that on the internet, nobody can read the intent or tone behind your post: They can only read what you put into the post. When reading other people's posts that come across as rude, please also be aware of the hurdles of text-only communication, language barriers and social handicaps. If in doubt: Don't escalate. Contact a moderator instead.

I like this discussion about changes to point 4; I'll let you all 'workshop it' some more before altering the text above since its a more substantial change.


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