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--- Quote from: Colonol Dekker on October 19, 2021, 01:27:58 am ---One post. 

Cant translate the name. :/

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Translation using Google results in garbage, but in terms of other translators, i got the result of اَلشَّاهِين as Al Shaheen

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The Royal Falcon/Hawk?

Parchment Pave could be related to the HOL schematics? Maybe Liang is a hammer sleeper/sympathiser?


--- Quote ---Se: (..) Inèz

Su: I have something for you

Ti: 2385.07.21 - 16:23.15 DS.A3.GST

Em: Joshing pride

We trialed it.

--- Code: ---IMPORTANT – DS-β N-nav Advisory – for use of noncommercial shipping:

Break, break. Amoenus Molniya transient 371 Eta (`+-0.2 degrees e) is reserved indefinitely within the enclosed epochs. This ordinance enters effect upon message reception. Enforcement efforts take effect at +30 DS-GST from maximal signal delay.

--- End code ---

Voila! The slot’s nothing ostentatious in the grand scheme of things, but it's not bad for a few concerned citizens. Once this is all behind us you can stick it on your CV. I would if I were you.

I've enclosed the elements. Get back to me when you're able.

(21 attachments, 3.1eb. Estimated download time, 16s).

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--- Quote ---Se: (...) Gutse

Su: Goal feasibility considering recent events

Ti: 2385.07.28 - 02:39.44 DS.A3.GST

Em: Recalcitrant yet enkindling curiosity

Inèz, you know when to pick your moment.

it’s been months. Polaris, Procyon, Eps’ Peg’, Wolf, they’re not on the news - they are the news.

 When the collapse isn't taking headspace, it’s some itinerant kid trying to maze a gate flare. The last one got six years inculcation. Predictably, our insurance is a flaring mess.

You know how it goes. The TC’s too busy dumping fire retardant on jumpy smallholders to get experimental. If I’m going to be begrudgingly useful, I need to see dividends.
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--- Quote ---Se: (...) Inèz

Su: Re: Goal feasibility considering recent events

Ti: 2385.07.28 - 02:41.27 DS.A3.GST

Em: Fastidious, fixated and mildly irate

The report's attached. Skip the preface, it's got a nostalgic stink like last settlement day's tilapia.

I know, I’m lazy and we kept you out of the pipe. I’d say I was exercising data hygiene, but I doubt an alibi would hold pressure for very long, would it? You’re too conniving for me.

Before we get down to bolts, I’d like to clear the air. No - there’s nothing suspect in stirring through n-radiance in your own time. Ignore Routecom's textualist wonkery; no matter how they twist the Eruti act, passives are passives. It's nigh unenforceable!

Nobody in their right mind is going to shake you down for harmonizing an idle inferometer to a free jump band. It's manufactured happenstance at best! Remember, you’re not sniffing for anything piezoscalar – no antemissives, only their shadows. If it trips anything sensitive  in n-space I’ll eat my alma mater.

BETAC-CN parastrointerferometerics Subsection three, Paragraph eighteen. Take it to that gilt advocate of yours if you need to hear my words from a different talking head. Precedent is on your side.

Fortune favors the bold, you know.

(1 attachment, 29.3pb. Estimated download time, 251ms).

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Any chance of something more concrete?  This is all very interesting but pretty much every semi-decipherable message is writing another check for a loose thread that may or may not ever get tied off.

I suspect you'll get something more concrete when the campaign gets released.

Meant to post something here for a couple days, but haven’t really been able wrap my thoughts around what’s been posted so far.

I think I’m getting that someone is looking at some kind of N-radiance at the Delta Serpentis - Beta Aquilae node. Sounds like it is being done covertly and using largely passive sensors. No clue what the heck the ordinance involving “epochs” is all about though.

Also looked back at the first message, and I’m wondering if whoever is doing that readiness calculation was looking for signs of T2 / Vishnian interference. It seems like they suspect the cargo handler is working extra shifts because of possible intrusive ideation.

Lastly, what project is this tied to? Mote in the Sunbeam? Or could this be something to do with a follow up to Friends and Foes? Or something I’m not even aware of? Dare i even hope BP2 act 4???


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