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FSPort - Comments and Feedback
So I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but I had never played the FSPORT until a day ago.  Despite at one point even being a member of this project (albeit in a very minor way), I never really played FS2 - I typically played FS1, and for years was a regular on PXO.  I can't count how many times I played through the original FS1 campaign, on the FS1 engine, but it must be dozens of times.  I had it down to an art!

That said, I got the bug in me a few days ago to play through the FS1 campaign again.  Dug up my old FS1 CDs, but had problems with loading the game (Windows 7 x64), so decided to look into the FSPORT running on FS2, and at the same time try the FSOPEN engine.

My feedback on FSOPEN is that it's amazing.  But i'll save that feedback for another forum.  After I got (with a struggle) FS2 working, used the installer to get FSport, and loaded it, I was blown away.

The work you've done is amazing.  Very, very well done.  It was an absolute PLEASURE to play through the FS campaign with the better graphics, but still get the "FS" feel with the ships, briefing, and so forth.

One thing I really liked was the 'credits' mission at the very end, which follows the ships coming out of subspace, following everything that takes place at the end of final cinematic in FS1, flying toward earth.

Great job GE, Goober, and everyone else :)


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Re: FSPort - Comments and Feedback
Try FS Blue and The Scroll of Atankharzim and.. well, Blue Planet if you haven't, I assume you have?  There's waaaaay too much high-quality content on this site.  xD  Beyond the Red Line / Diaspora for BSG stuff, The Babylon Project... if you're on an FSOpen kick, you're in for a long, thrilling ride.  ;)  Speaking of.  I've got a new (cheap but at least decently capable) graphics card, and a joystick now, I aught to play the first three I mentioned, hmm (haven't played them yet, only read the rave reviews when they released here). 


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Re: FSPort - Comments and Feedback
Thanks for the kind words, Stealth. :)  Feedback like this is really great to hear.

And what jr2 said... there's lots of cool stuff around here.  (Yes jr2, you need to play Scroll. :p)