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Eve of Destruction in 'difficult' mode
Hello everyone.

First, a huge thanks to anyone contributing to FS Port (and underlining FS 2 Open / Upgrade development)  :). I've been a huge fan of those games since a friend made me discover FreeSpace in early 2000s (I used to swear only by X-Wing series "Naah nothing can top that... I will play your game to prove my point... Yeah hmm hmm just what I thought, uh, still can you lend me the game ? I might play a bit more of it").  :p

Well I just wanted to make one more run on the game, so I set up a fresh install of the latest stable development of fs2 open and upgrade, and started FS campaign in 'hard' mode. And... I can't beat mission 1... Well I can beat it, but not with the Orf above 80% hull (which downgrade Mission 2). What happen is that at some point, Leo wave of 3 Anubis warps at pinpoint range of the Orf and immediately sit and fire, which make the Orf health drop down near 70% in a few secs. On my second try, I ambushed this wave with a combined ML-16 + dual Fury, and could blast the wave in 10 sec max, but the Orf still received its punishment, not getting any better with following Pisces wave. I don't remember this kind of behavior in my past games.
Should I just shamefully reset to medium mode ?  :doubt:

Is there a dedicated topic to comment on Missions behavior ?

edit: in medium, Leo wing does not warp in, and the mission is now impossible to fail. I wonder if Leo wing was not intended to be chasing the player rather than attacking the Orf  :wtf:
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Re: Eve of Destruction in 'difficult' mode
I'm not sure if this is true of the current AI, but at various points in time you could get the AI to break off an attack and go after you by pinging them with a single shot, so you could quickly peel hostiles off of a friendly.  Maybe give that a try?

Re: Eve of Destruction in 'difficult' mode
Well, that was my strategy. I tried to go kamikaze on them: dealing as much damage as possible on the two firsts and then colliding on the third in one swift run, but that was ineffective. I tried several times, the best I could do was keeping the Orf at 61% hull. On one clumsy run the Orf even blew up on me, I never saw that before  :eek2:
I did proceed in Medium in order to make the bonus objective available in mission 2, then tried the next missions in Hard mode. So far, no further problems. I'm not saying that it is completely impossible to fully complete mission 1 in hard mode, but that would require to succeed in a perfect ambush on Leo wings, that seems not a really fair challenge to me. Anyway that's not a big deal, that's just odd  :lol: