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--- Quote from: chief1983 on January 30, 2007, 10:59:48 pm ---Of what you've got above, we've already got a really nice ISD mesh, and a really good B-Wing.
--- End quote ---

the one above is a mark 2 victory star destroyer, its a smaller older version thats able to do atmospheric flight where a regular ISD wouldnt be able to hold itself up. the b-wing is probably my favorite model ive done, i never got it textured, most of those models though are in star wars battlefront 2.

Ah.  I'm not as familiar with the VSD-I.  But on a quick google search, I did run across a number of variations of vessels that all claim to be Victory-I's.  What reference were you using for yours?

i based mine off of the XWA and Eaw versions since the other versions are too close to a normal ISD and i wanted something different.

Minilogoguy18 i knew i recognized your name, you've posted some stuff over at SBF files right?

yeah i really like making space map stuff for SWBF2 but im also looking for a little more other than just dogfighting, i kinda wanted to do something that was rogue leader/x-wing alliance, alot of stuff i want to do i cant really do in SWBF2 but ill probably always make models for that game here and there. i made a texture for the lambda but its too big to fit in the ISD hangar in SWBF2 so thats something i dont think ill release since its the right size and i dont wanna make it a micro version just to work.


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