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Current progress...(_the_ SWC historical thread)

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To be more precise for the basic ships:
T/F, T/B, T/I
Lambda shuttle
ISD or other capship fot the Imperials

X-W, A-W and Y-W
Some transports
a cruiser or  a frigate

and a starbase (any one)

AND tada you have an  quite enjoyable demo :)

EDIT: Prophet's right...
         There are thousands of people on HLP - someone has to see  

Easy for you to say... :)

We have already had enough recruitment threads. The people who joined did not do much... some of them were even removed from the staff, another part of them made something and disappeared for good.

What I want to say is that even sth as  small like this is needed to get your mod "alive"...
otherwise you may be right after all :(
I would gladly help but my modding skills are somewheat limited currently to FRED...;)

I've been waiting for this for a long time. Don't let it die. :shaking: I'd love to help, but sadly, I lack the skills required.

Yes, and that is the current state of our fanbase. Tons of people who would to love to see this work, but a handful of people who know how to keep the ship from sinking.


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