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How to use multiple game controllers in Diaspora (or any fs2_open based game)

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I installed ppjoy and set the virtual stick up as instructed.
In the joystick settings I entered 32buttons + 8 axis and 2 POV Hats. However, in the windows game controller, the virtual joystick has only the base 16 buttons and axises, only 1 POV. That is an inconvenience, as I can map in the joystick.exe editor only 16 buttons :|

I can remapp my Hotas Warthog (running as combined throttle+stick driver) and my MFG Crosswind Rudder pedals to the Virtual Joystick. The virtual stick works in the windows controller calibration window and I see the axis moving/buttons flashing. However, the bigger issue is, that the virtual joystick doesn't work for me in Diaspora. It works in Warthunder/PS2 and windows calibration window. Yet, I tried all 3 joysticks in the Diaspora game launcher and the only one that worked was either the Hotas Warthog (combined Joystick) or the Rudder Pedals (3 Axis only). Not the virtual joystick though, I couldn't assign any buttons or axis.
Any help?


The spare moments of free time I have now are going to be invested into T.A.R.G.E.T. software. I want this to work with Dia since it gives me so much more options then PP or V joy.
If the axes of my two sticks will not be recognized by Dia, I will have to recode stuff so Dia will think I am using a mouse, and link mouse axes to my second T16kM. But I hope this will not be nessesery, cause I will then lose one axes, and have to solve that one too.

Having a busy time at home, so I am sorry I haven't had time to test the code properly myself yet. Small steps. Last thing I found that F1-F12 is not accepted by Dia, so I had to recode that part in TARGET, lol... But if my axes will not work that was a mild problem..
Binding mouse axes to joystick axes is tricky since they operate differently. It's covered in the scrips manual, so it cán be done.

Hello, I've been trying to set this up with my Logitech G940, but when I launch PPjoy, do not get a screen with fields where I can assign the axis. A screen that has a drop menu, saying a"Joystick device (Virtual Joystick 1) Successfully opened joystick. (Next line) Serial port (Com1) successfully opened port" as well as several other lines. I don't see any way to assign the axis. Any idea what I am missing?
Edit, I've gotten to the page needed, and assigned my axes, but Diaspora doesn't seem to be picking up my virtual joystick...


Sorry to say....I dropped diving into PPJoy and VJoy altogether. T.A.R.G.E.T.  ate all my time :)
T.A.R.G.E.T. is known for not letting in non-Thrustmaster hardware ID's. (for now that is...)

And my time is now in Star Citizen too... (I bought ships....they need to fly, lol)

But maybe all these things CAN be solved by spending a lot of study years in C, and making custom TARGET-files.
(You definitely will become the hero of this planet, if you program custum TARGET files for every device that exist on this globe!! There is an understatement for you. And the law-suit from Thrustmster ofc wanting 50 gazillion! :D Name your files with care, lol... copyright lurks around... cannot apply to just C-stuff ofc!)

You know....
TARGET makes 5 files when it starts your homebrew tmc file.
You just make these same files, and put them in the folder where your tmc is, so target doesn't make them and overwrites them

If your C-coding skills are academic, you can ID/ define and set values of any device in the world I think.
Virtual mouse and keybord stuff is already in there...
Just reading these 5 files in TARGET showed me it can be done and also not by me.
I don't have these 8 years am afraid. My learing curves are broken. I know others can do it in 2-3 years. But notta me...:)

But there are dozens of C-sites on the net, and you can ask them help. They only ask that you do big part of the work, know your C and don't just ask: "Gimme this plz"

Welp, I'm afraid I don't know frack all about programing... Looks like I'll be flying with keyboard and mouse or using a simpler joystick. :P


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