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Since i received no response from my topic about FREDing, i decided to start a new mission using the Diaspora Mission designer and its extended walkthrough, so i did, i finished everything, but i wanted now to make some improvements on the mission, so i wanted to see the camapaign missions to see what can i find of interersting mainly on the SEXP scripting. so a do have a question: Where can i find the Diaspora Campaign Missions files to take a look "inside" of the tube laubchers scripting and Battlestar warp-out.

Thank you.

Not sure about the mission files but for the departure you can tell the battle star to warp out when said event is done using the ship editor under departure if u set it on a event true deley then u can add a time before the ship leaves give time for the player to get back to the hanger there is a way to lock the player in position so the can't move when they get there (I don't know how) then just set the screen to fade after it jumps or before or something just experiment :D

I was already scripted on the walktrhough and i did not remembered, it was in the Cepartue Cue...xD
But i still want to know about the laubching tubes! xD

What you need is VPView 32 to view the contents of the VP files. You can download it HERE at FSMods. Once you have it, open up your Diaspora directory, right click one of the VP files and set VPView as the default program for opening VP files. The VP with the missions is the R1_Core.vp.

Thank you.


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