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I've come up with a new website, and although I'm not a good web designer (as you will see), I thinks it's better than current.  In my view, the main advantage is that you don't have to visit the release thread to download the game and the the mirror links are all updated.  Basically, I copied and updated
Anyway, the new website is at  Don't be too harsh; I know it's pretty basic.

I like it a lot actually. My one suggestion though would be to move the release information to the downloads page and stick some more pretty pictures and links to the trailers on the main page. I've always thought that the main page of a website should show you why you want the game. I'd also suggest splitting up the downloads into Windows, Mac and Linux pages, what we have at the moment is a little too busy.

I should probably update those torrents to include the patches as well while I'm at it.

Ok, I added a bunch of screenshots from the media pack to the homepage, as well as the release trailer and the fourth trailer.  I also divided the OS download sections into different pages.

For people who are lazy like me, here's a link which allows you to preview the website without downloading the repository.

I think the site looks nice. However, it's not a good idea to embed the full size images because it'll cause long loading times especially with slow connections.
I'd create thumbnails in the appropriate size and embed them instead.

Yeah, looks good. I'll see about uploading it tomorrow if there are no other comments.


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