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Diaspora on Knossos installer?

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I went to try Knossos. It has Diaspora as mod (so, not standalone anymore?).  It says version 1.1.2 - so, something has changed?

Not really.  1.1.2 just has all the patches rolled up into one.

Diaspora is still standalone on Knossos, it won't rely on any files from any other mod. The big advantage though is that anyone who now finds out about Diaspora can easily notice BtRL is on the same installer and get an extra two missions of Battlestar Galactica related gaming.

I mean, in terms of Engine/Executable. Diaspora had its own (at least it was called distinctly).

And now I see that it runs on FSO 3.8.0-2 which is good for me, since I want to use it in VR mode too, and I had problems with TrackIR drivers in it, which are  absent in FSO 3.8.0.

It did have it's own executable at launch because we had added some features that weren't yet in official releases but all those features were swiftly folded into standard FSO builds. Diaspora has been able to use standard FSO builds since only a few months after release.

We renamed the builds to Diaspora R1 because we knew we'd have lots of people playing who weren't familiar with FSO. Given that Knossos internally handles all the problems that the rename was meant to address (people not having the right build, etc) there's no longer any reason to do that any more.


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