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So what's happening?  are the poofs not being rendered at all, different blend mode? different opacity?

If there's no way around making the poofs appear as they should, would making the distance fog thicker make up for it?

Well, as you can see, without post processing thick fog isn't going to make a difference either :lol:

I should note that out of all the missions I've tested, Masks (in Scroll of Antankharzim) has the best-looking nebulae. I don't know if there's any special FREDing involved, but I think it has partly to do with the contrast between the poofs and the background; Masks uses yellow poofs against a comparatively dark background, which really makes them stand out. I've noticed that most (if not all) of the canon FS2 missions use poofs that are the same color as the background, which makes them hard to see and results in the mission area looking very "empty." (Note that this does nothing to solve the problem of ship models being visible through the nebula, but oh well.)

These are from RC2:


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