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Casualties of War 2

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No problem, we'll work it out one or another.  Thanks for being willing.

I've posted my voice parts up to you via PM, ShadowWolf_IH

Got it, thanks a bunch. :)


--- Quote from: ShadowWolf_IH on July 24, 2006, 01:30:54 pm ---Ok, I am currently waiting on the following parts from 3 people:

Alpha 4
Delta 1

Beta 1
Gamma 1
GTT Heracles
GTT Roosevelt

GTD Ironheart
Kappa 1
Rescue 1
Ulmo 53

I'm just waiting for you guys to get those finished so that i can compile everything and release it.


--- End quote ---
i'm doing my parts right now, i've been trying to do em, but both my mic was acting up and i wasnt really pleased with how i sounded. i'll send em some time tommorow...

Cool, thanks.


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