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Since December 2005 the campaign "Awakening of the Beast" for The Babylon Project has been in development. Long pauses caused by real life buisness have slowed down the progress but now everythings is good to go.
After being now more than 60% complete (only 6 of 22 missions are still not finished) I want to start the period of editing and voice acting for all what is done and what will be done in the next months... since we are not fully done yet and the ideas from the campaign's concept will still be modified to fill the wishes of the FREDers all info I can give here is only state of work...
therefor I need voluneeters!!!

List of roles current state:
Earth Alliance Military Forces:
Squadron Commander Jake Wellington (CAG EAS Perseus)
Wingman/-woman 1
Wingman/-woman 2
Wingman/-woman 3
Captain James Tudor (CO EAS Perseus)
EAS Perseus Engineer
EAS Perseus Crewman/-woman 1
EAS Perseus Crewman/-woman 2
EAS Perseus Crewman/-woman 3
Captain Alexander Holzmann (CO EAS Minos)
EAS Minos Officer
Captain Roger McNeil (CO EAS Fetcher)
Captain Christina Jacobs (CO EAS Ajax)
Admiral Marcus Soluner (CO EAS DeGaulle/ Fleet CO)
Captain Lexter (CO EAS Hades)
Black Ops Pilot "Omega 1"
EAS Dione Captain
EAS Dione Officer
Breaching Pod Pilot 1
Breaching Pod Pilot 2
Marine 1
Marine 2

Senator Ethan Chainmen
ISN Reporter
Dr. Samantha Lawrence
Sirius Station Control
Kanton Station Control
Freighter 1
Freighter 2
Freighter 3
Freighter 4
Starliner 1
Starliner 2
Shuttle 1
Shuttle 2
Shuttle 3

Narn Captain 1
Narn Captain 2
Narn Captain 3
Narn Pilot 1
Narn Pilot 2
ISA Whitestar 98
ISA Whitestar 70
ISA Whitestar 221
Xerxes Captain
Cmdr. Arina Widow
Merc 1
Merc 2
Merc 3
Alien Commander
Creepy Voice

some voices are more frequent that others... the EA roles and open roles like "Freighter 1" will appear more frequent during the campaign but more to that later...
contact via post in this thread or PM to me

EDIT// samplies avalivble here:

I'll take any capital ship captains, preferably someone who gets 'Fire forward batteries!' type of lines... but I'll also take any as needed. Could we get some sample lines or some such so we can make a better choice?

I want to do either the Alien Commander or the Creepy voice.

I have a home studio set-up and a fairly decent voice acting skill (of course everybody presumes they're good).  I could probably make 3 or 4 distinct character voices if I tried.  Put me in as a "maybe."

you can count me as either the ISN Reporter, or some random pilots or one-timers. i dont mind doing that kind of roles..


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