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Voice acting for 'Origins'

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Hopefully no one has used that campaign title already (else I'll have to change mine... heh)

I'm hoping to put some voices together for my campaign, I've seen a few samples but I was hoping to hear some more so I can get a feel for the characters...

Several roles available at the moment, but I'm still adding as I go  :yes:

Colonol Dekker:
OK, name some roles and people will be more apt to post some applications. :)

The roles are still a bit volatile at the moment, but the ones that are definitely in at the moment and unlikely to change:

Alpha 1 (natch) - Lots of lines
Alpha 2 - Lots of lines
Alpha 3 (Female!) - Lots of lines
Alpha 4 - Lots of lines
GTBC Magnificent (Players cap ship) - Lots of lines
ACS Formidable (Hopefully Scooby's model will be finished soon :)) - few lines at the moment, but likely to increase
Command - few lines
GTI Farpoint (A construction yard/station) - few lines

There are a few other random lines from passing ships et al.


Colonol Dekker:
Well I'm willing to give any role a try...... :yes:

Do it the way Blaise does it and post the lines as text files and say what file name and format you want them in. You're more likely to get things done that way.


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