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Voice Acting For Inferno R1

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I talked with Woomeister,and he didn't say "no".  :)

How about a voice acting for INFC1?There are only 15 missions.  :cool:

It shouldn't be difficult,and it shouldn't take so much time.  :cool:

Dark Hunter:
I don't know if I have the right programs (I do have a microphone), but I'd love to help out. I'm sure Spartan_214 would too, I'll ask him....

First of all we should prioritize some voices...I mean,try to find someone for the Independence and the Nemesis,some cool voices.
Where is that actor,I don't remember his name,but he was the CO of the Cypher in Derelict....

spartan_0214 wants to sign up to do voice acting for Inferno. . .

spartan_0214 goes to check Mandatory tools thread, comes back. . .

Colonol Dekker:
CD suggests using CD's voice, But CD needs a microphone as he broKKed the last one,  :nervous:


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