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REQUEST: Do you speak BBC English?

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Admiral Nelson:
Hi folks,
Fot an upcoming FSPort release I have a role that would be best suited for someone with a good BBC English newreader tone.  Please let me know if you or someone you know has such a voice and would be willing to supply it!

Thanks! :)

Err, what's BBC English?

Admiral Nelson:
The accent used by news readers on the BBC, which is quite clear and distinct.

Blaise Russel:
BBC used to use Recieved Pronounciation, a very posh and 'correct' accent. Nowadays newsreaders have regional accents, to avoid sounding too posh and distant and because RP was pretentious anyway.

I kinda have a posh-ish voice, in that I don't have a silly country-bumpkin burr, but there may be some hint of Welshosity.

Admiral Nelson:
Interested in voicing a couple of dozen lines for Destiny of Peace? :)


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