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Alternate Voice Acting for Derelict

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It's been said often by many that Derelict, although a great campaign, has some of the poorest quality and unrealistic sounding voice acting in the VA era.

I propose a poll to gauge enthusiasm for a project to re-voice act, either in whole or in part, Derelict to improve its feel.

Let the flaming commence...  :o

I really thought it was just how Blaise compressed the sound.  The acting is great, but the sound quality is pretty off. 

If we could the entire cast back, I'd love to see it given another whirl, but that's coming from someone who didn't do a thing with it. :nervous:

Who are these "many" you speak of?  Where are the hordes of complaints?  I'm not taking offense at this or anything; I just haven't seen the type of sentiment to suggest that there's anywhere near so much of a need for this as you propose.  In fact, when the VA work was released, I seem to remember quite a bit of praise for it.  I mean, we were nowhere near the level of the WCSaga Prologue (which was just incredible), but I think we did a pretty damn good job.  I know I never had any issues with hearing the voice files after tweaking my volume balance a bit.

nuclear, if it's just a matter of compression, it probably wouldn't be necessary to have anyone re-record lines.  I know that I saved all of my original WAV recordings, and I'd be willing to bet that most other people did as well.

For me, I don't mind the current voices. Interesting mish-mash of "mature" ( Ransom, was it? Did he voice-act Mackie? =X ) and "15-year-old kids" voices IMO.


Vasudan Commander:
Some parts could've been alot better. The script is absolutely flawless. (Looks like the defacation is about to hit the ventilation .... LOL ! ) , but yer, the voice acting was quite bland in some parts.

The part where those guys in the nyarlathotep were getting killed by the shivans waking up....that could've been SOOOOOOOOOO much better. . . . . .


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