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Alternate Voice Acting for Derelict

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I could get a noise print and remove some of the BG noise on Faulkner. I downloaded VPVIEW... do I need anything else in order to be able to get at the voice files? I'll re-master a few of these and upload them to Filefront for your approval. If we like them... how hard would it be to create a patch for the original? I don't want to screw up the missions for people. Are there any specific sound formats I need to use in order for use in-game? I know some of the old games I used to mod, you had to use a very specific sampling rate and all that. Let me know.

Nope, all you need is VPView. Just select all the voice files in "special", right click and click extract. :)

Tahna Los:
The voice files are separate from the missions.  The Mission briefings are located in the second Derelict VP while debriefing files are in the fourth.

OK, I will try a few samples and have a link for you, probably by tomorrow night or Thursday afternoon.


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