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Czech voice actor..

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I see that many campaigns aren't voice acted, so I'd be glad to help.

I'm 16 and I'm from Czech Republic, and haven't been working on any VA' ing lately, only probably in the days of '04, when I discovered FRED.  :lol:
I don't have any particular accent, not a one I am aware of. People with which I speak over the phone say I have mature voice, though I never heard myself  :lol:

Well: If there is any campaign that needs a VA, I'll be glad to help with that n.3 freighter pilot with his 6.9 secs of glory  :lol:

Thanks for reading and for future cooperation!


Post some samples, we're in need of actors. Mostly because I would like to have different voices, not a handful of actors interpretating dozens of characters...


Ok, tomorrow I'll make some. I'll just take the lines from the Sync testing, I think they include the most often used phrases..

There's something I forgot to ask: are you able to modify voice files? Can you create effects like marines fighting in a ship, noises of an exploding ship etc. etc.?

Yes, I can  :) I'll use the mixing station on wavepad..


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