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Forced Hand is impossible to beat

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If you give your wing Athenas with stilletos and order them to attack the engines they'll line up and slowly fly over there. That should time just right with the dialogue ending. Just follow them in and they'll wreck the engines in 10 seconds.

Grab an Athena and fill both secondary banks with stilettos. Approach the Repulse at 1/3rd thrust until the dialogue ends, target the engines then Shift+V+3 and go full burn. Get right up close before launching the stilettos, and call in a support ship once you fired two or three salvoes.

Works every time. Don't bother using the disruptor, it won't do enough subsystem damage on the orion to make much of a difference.


--- Quote from: eicca on November 10, 2015, 10:03:27 pm ---HEY WAIT! Ha. You're right. I have to sit idle and let the dialogue play out. Works great now! Patience, I must learn.

--- End quote ---

You should try playing Vasudan Imperium with that attitude. See how long you last in an unshielded Anubis ignoring orders.


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