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STR Mission 1 see through Isis Transport


During the first mission both Isis Transports are see through and can't be destroyed.  I used the automated installer for the mod, version 2.2.1 and used open 3.7.2 to run the game.  I also ran the game in debug mode and have uploaded the log file. 

Thank you.

[attachment DELETED!! by Strong Bad]

The E:
Can you upload a screenshot?


--- Code: ---Searching root pack 'E:\Games\Freespace 2\mediavps_2014\MV_Assets.vp' ... 0 files

Searching root pack 'E:\Games\Freespace 2\mediavps_2014\MV_RadarIcons.vp' ... 0 files
--- End code ---

Redownload these files. Seems they are corrupted.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Downloading those files fixed the issue, the asset file was 1.2gb when it should have been 1.8gb.


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