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Need a cool ship or two


Max Sterling:
I'm working on a sci-fi spec script and I'd love to have a spaceship to include in the pitch materials. If this takes off I'll also want some modelers for some more ships.

Anyone have time to work on a ship for me? We can discuss some compensation too. Thanks.

Mito [PL]:
Before you look for anyone to make you a vessel, you'd probably want to check out all these assets already available in HLP community. For example, a bit outdated user-made ships list, some screenshots stored in HLP Wiki, and possibly what contenders of monthly screencap contest came up with. I need to note that the ship list seems to be a bit outdated as of now (I can't find any assets from Exile), but there's a lot of content here.

But if you need to make a very specific design or you have found one of the user made ones to be fitting but in a need of a refresh (some of these are VERY old), I'm sure someone would want to help!

Max Sterling:

I very much appreciate it, and I'll take a look.

This is actually for a script I'm working on, I want to include a capital ship in the pitch packet to spruce it up for potential investors/producers. :)

I do have a sketch of a specific design but maybe there's something in this group I'll like better!

Max Sterling:
No ship modelers available? :(


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