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How to add Scroll buttons to Command briefing Screen

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Ok so i have got the interface screen with the scroll buttons Yay! but none of the actually buttons are working. I may have messed up something as i am tired so will look again tomorrow


I didn't see any follow-up to this, but I wanted to add that in addition to the background image files that 0rph3u5 mentioned, you also need the button image files.  The are the CBB_ and 2_CBB files in mv_root.vp.

I sort of hit a bump with this in that I still can't get the buttons to work, ive all the button images etc and i am sure i have the right names, but i still can't get them to work. But in Solaris's folder there are multiple files with the name 2_CommandBriefb

So i redid them all with the extra button's, still no luck so in the end i chopped up the Command briefings to cover lots of screens. I just don't get what i was doing wrong, maybe i was just getting confused and missing files as there are of interface files in the mod.

If you have the CBB_ files, the CommandBriefb and CommandBrief-Mb files, and their 2_ equivalents, it should work.  Make sure to put all the files in the data/interface folder.

See the issue i had was all that is in the Solaris Interface folder isthe 2_CommandB and 2_CommandM, no other  files like  CommandBriefb
CommandBrief-Mb are in the interface folder and the files seem to have a different naming convention so trying to find out if i had the correct files was trickiy. But everything has a 2_ in front of it. Could that be the issue?


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