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Ok, now that the new nebulas are publicly available [check milliways!], and that a significant block of free time will be coming soon (ROD LOH!), it might be a good time to start this off. Although I couldn't help out in their original creation project much, I feel that at least I can do something here.

Once a week, or if time restrictions apply, once in two weeks, I'll release a background set using the new nebulas that will be free for public use by anyone, or any mod.

I'm currently working on the first one, so pictures and the necessary data will be up soon.

As I intend this to be hopefully a permanent thing, I hope the admins can help to sticky it if possible.

Thanks, and hope these help.

Blaise Russel:
I'd like to add my backing and stuff.

Also - I'm currently working on new Derelict nebulae for the restoration project, so, um, I've got a potential Tau Sigma, Tania Australis, Deneb and Altair as well as Sirius and Vega and ideas for Phi Eridani, Tegmen and Delphi... so, er, just thought I'd mention that. In case you have any stuff or ideas you can send me or would like to avoid redundant systems or whatever, your call.

hmm....thing is, I'm not doing system-specific stuff, just backgrounds. They can be used whereever, whenever, as opposed to being 'tagged' onto a certain system, per se.

However, feel free to add any backgrounds you wish to share. A collective resource would do many a FREDder goodness, I'd think :yes: :nod:

Blaise Russel:
Oh, okay, I see.

Well, I'll think about it, wait until you've got everything set up and all. Contribute when a variety has been established so that there isn't, like, a situation with four similar nebulae released in a week or whatever.

But yes, stickify please. This'll be very handy, I reckon.

It'd be great to see someone come up with some really great, realistic Star Field backgrounds, free of large Nebulae and such saturating many of the space backgrounds we see in games these days. I understand that with the whole start blurry effect thing, having about 400% more stars in a background might not be feasable, but what are the chances of that happening...?


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