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The Hard Light Productions Installation

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Here's a random thought that just came to me:  What would the HLP facility actually look like?  Thought it might be interesting to see what any of you think.  (Knowing some of the people here, they would want it to look something along the lines of "terrifying" or "mind-****ing".)  Heck, maybe somebody might do a model!  So........what are your thoughts?  <braces for possible torrent of replies.>

It would look a giant white glove surrounded by twelve sleeping cows. Why? Because Shrike is secretely a French avante-garde visual artist, and would use the opportunity to express his frustriation with the loss of the subjecitve thought-experience as reflected in the the hegemony of the post-industrial Lacanian dialectic.

It's an Arcadia and don't you God damned well forget it. With a headz bar at one end and a seafood place that we wuv at the other. ;)

Like Gods techno-mechanical armpit.

The bar would look like this:

They sell headz, fishes and Bosch Power Mix over the counter.


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