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--- Quote from: Fury on May 25, 2009, 08:49:59 am ---HLP Mibbit widget should now have more HLPish colors than before. So if colors put you off before, try our Mibbit widget again. Perhaps you'll like it better now. Aside from colors, the widget has seen some other look customizations since a month ago.

Have fun chatting with your fellow forumites. :)

Edit: Almost forgot to remind you, Mibbit is useful for bypassing firewalls that would otherwise block ports used by irc. But don't use it recklessly at work if it gets you into trouble. ;)

--- End quote ---
What exactly is this mibbit thing?

General Battuta:
You can get on IRC just by clicking on the Mibbit link - you don't have to install anything.

Jeff Vader:
Browser-based, that is. Tried it a couple of times. But I still prefer actual clients.

It's designed as an easy way in for a new visitor, someone just looking for some quick help, etc.  It's not really intended to be a permanent solution like a standalone IRC client.  But it definitely makes the channel more accessible.

I've been using Mibbit exclusively for almost two months and I haven't had problems with it. The only things I miss are GUI of channel modes, topic and bans, but those are available through text commands anyway. For those who are not ops on channel, I don't see Mibbit really lacking in features except for personal customization. To me it is good enough as "permanent solution". :) And it allows me to bypass firewall at work which blocks irc ports. :p


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