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Latest FRED Documentation.


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What is this?

This is a link to the currently most up to date version of the FREDdocs available, the version of the FREDdocs that came out with Diaspora : Shattered Armistice.

Why would I want it?

The FRED help was written for the release of FS2 in 1999. Since then the SCP has added a huge number of features and changed the way FRED looks in many ways. While the original FREDdocs are still a great way to get into mission design, they don't cover any of the new stuff. This set of FREDdocs on the other hand was written in 2012 and should cover every feature in FRED at the time it was written.

Even if you have no interest in Diaspora itself, it is useful resource for any FREDder. Definitely worth a read after going through the original documentation.

Should I replace my existing FREDdocs with this version?

Probably not. It wasn't designed as a replacement for the existing FREDdocs. Just download it and bookmark index.html if you want it available easily.

I just noticed that there seems to be a couple of images missing from the tutorial?

There might be others, but I haven't read further in-detail yet.

Thanks, I'll look into it later.

How much later had you planned on?  :)  I just noticed those are still broken.  I also determined the probable cause.  Looks like the website is hosted on a case-sensitive file-system.  All the images in the zip (and seemingly on the website) are lower-case extensions, but the examples here, and a few more I found via grep on the downloaded archive, have .PNG instead of .png.  To ensure the docs work fine on Linux, the website, and any other case-sensitive systems, the .PNG references need to be changed to .png.  I can fix that myself, but does anyone still have access handy to update the archive and the website with the changes?

Also I noticed that Texture Replacement doesn't get covered in the Ships Editor section.  I guess it seems pretty trivial but it does seem incomplete without a line or two of explanation and caveats, and maybe a screenshot.  Had a user on Discord earlier asking about how to use it and I couldn't even find any documentation for him to confirm he was doing things correctly.

Edit:  Finished fixing the .PNG references, they were all contained within one file, "fullwalkthrough.html".  Uploaded a fixed archive to, could replace the one on the site currently with that and extract the fullwalkthrough.html from it and replace the existing one on the website.

That's odd. I thought I had fixed the problems. I guess they came back after the last time I updated the file with the version I have in my Diaspora folder. I'll correct things on the website next chance I get.


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