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ezEngine: Open-source Game Engine being developed
I happened to run across a project a few years back, ezEngine, that is creating an open-source game engine (C++ based, editor runs on Qt). Noticed no posts with it mentioned, so spreading the word in case an engine or engine project would interest any coders or other board members (recall past interests in Freespace FPSs and the like?).

Seems pretty active recently going by their GitHub, though confess I currently know very little about GitHub or programming so can't give proper comment. We've got some bloody good programmers on HLP so always meant to spread the word.

Happened to first hear of the project because an old Star Trek game mod I follow called Fleet Operations decided a few years back to switch to remaking their game in the engine and join the engine dev team. Was an amazing mod (for an old Star Trek game called Armada II and updated the graphics engine impressively; was (and still is tbh) mind-blowing magic stuff to my eyes as I had never heard of an API/code-injector :o), so am hoping they get the engine developed to the point they can create their FO stand-alone.
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