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Eagerly anticipating BtA!

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BtA is my most anticipated project on HLP. I want to see what happens after the era covered by ST:R. I hope and expect to see the GTA plausibly disintegrate into colorful, bickering Terran blocs with all the fun political intrigue that this entails. The fragmentation of the Terrans gives a ton of space to tell interesting stories; the Fs1-Fs2 interwar era has so much untapped possibility, with a multitude of independent Terran governments interacting with each other and with the Vasudans.

Please release soon so I can give you pages of dry, hate-filled debug spews because I left sgwp2.vp in my root directory.

Oh, don't worry; you'll get just what you want out of our first release. ;)

General Battuta:
Yeah this looks dope.

I'm glad you're looking forward to it. The biggest hurdle for us right now is finishing the last 4 missions which are in varrying stages of development. (Some just started, some nearly complete.) After that it's just cleaning up the details and making sure everything's ready to go!

For whatever it's worth to the 3 people who check this board.. I'm finishing the last mission. Then we'll proceed into testing while I finish some of the cosmetics (anims and the like).

We have rescheduled the release from 'Soon (tm)' to 'Sooner (tm)'.


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