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Release: Between The Ashes [UPDATED 21st of June 2024]

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Between the Ashes Updated to 2.0.5
Now includes the Chapter 2: The Growing Silence

Between the Ashes: The Growing Silence
May 24, 2024

It's been one hell of a journey. Today, we are beyond excited to finally release Between the Ashes 2: The Growing Silence. This chapter of our story expands the world well beyond Admiral Po, Ozymandias, and Antares from Slaves of Chaos, venturing out into the distant Luyten system. Here, the Luyten New Alliance, a relatively young Terran faction, faces a new threat in the form of mysterious raiders, as well as the possible return of an old one: the Hammer of Light, unseen since the Battle of Sahr.

This release is also the capstone of a new chapter in BtA's development team. Where the first game was envisioned as a Freespace mod and developed by a team of ten total contributors, with this release, BtA has been essentially rebuilt as a standalone game. If you've ever wanted to get a friend into Freespace, linking them the BtA homepage might help ease them into the experience. We've even built our own tutorials to support this. The team and our approach are also different. With a core of only three developers, supported by storyline contributions by Slasher (one of SoC's primary mission designers) back in 2016, The Growing Silence provides a more tightly focused experience, with different plot threads woven through multiple missions. It's been a long road to get here, but the end result is a game we're truly proud of. In every possible sense, this is the game that we've always wanted to make - and it sets a solid foundation for the upcoming third release. (How are we going to top ourselves next time? You'll just have to wait and see.)

Please feel free to join our BtA Discord server, where you can interact with us and most of our voice talent as well. They'd love to hear your thoughts on their work!

Bugs can be reported to us either on Discord or, even better, our bug reporting form. Using the form puts the bug report directly on our Trello board for us to make sure we get it fixed up.

Campaigns included:

--Having been discharged from military service within the GTA, you are now flying for the biggest paycheck. Your next job might be more sinister than it seems...

Slaves of Chaos
--We defeated the Shivans, but it wasn't without loss. Our world is gone, and we are left in confusion. Where do we go from here? Who do we trust? We stand in the rubble, and yet we must learn to how to survive when the Destroyers return.

You are a pilot with the Galactic Terran Alliance, serving under Admiral Po aboard the GTD Intrepid. You helped repel the Shivan Incursion, you chose the right side during the rebellion within Galactic Terran Intelligence, and now your skill has earned you a squadron leader position in the troubled Antares system. Your job is to be a simple peace-keeping force in a system decimated by two wars and economic recession, but when an early patrol is hit by cunning smugglers, you'll follow threads that lead to an unexpected enemy - one that may out-match even the Admiral.

--Roughly three years have passed since the events in Antares. As a pilot with the 47th Cutthroats stationed on the Intrepid, you will perform a strategic role in the destruction of a major Hammer of Light target.

The Growing Silence
--You are a one-time rising star in the Galactic Terran Alliance fighter corps, but recent events have left you assigned to a washed-up patrol squadron, the 508th Loaded Dice. It's a transitional time for the galaxy. The Hammer of Light terrorists remain active, but their attacks have become few and far between. The Parliamentary Vasudan Navy has consolidated its government in Aldebaran, and while they continue to honor the cease-fire, rumors of dissent in Parliament are growing. The Antares Federation remain committed to independence, and have closed their borders to focus on internal affairs. Several human expeditions have scattered to the outer reaches of known space in search of a fresh start, free from the oversight of the failing GTA. As a gesture of goodwill, the Loaded Dice are deployed to provide security in the distant Luyten system, but secret objectives threaten to undermine the entire expedition.

Operation Templar
--Operation Templar, a Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance endeavor, hunts down the last remnants of the Hammer of Light.  Shortly after the GTVA's plan to eradicate the HoL becomes known, The rebels stage a desperate last stand, hijacking a Vasudan destroyer and taking hostages.

A Note From Mjn-

I am excited to finally release Between the Ashes: The Growing Silence! This project began as an exercise for me to learn FRED and with the help of many others, it became something better than I ever hoped. There's a whole list of guys around HLP that put up with me and my questions over the years.. and I owe more than one of them quite a few favors! Those guys are in addition to the actual team listed below who put in many hours to get this all put together. Believe me when I tell you, this was a team effort.. not an Mjn.Mixael effort.. and I really hope you enjoy it!

Lastly, to the best of my ability, all the mod assets are credited properly in the credits.tbl. So if you are going to ransack the modpack (and I know you are!), just be sure to give proper credit. After that, take whatever you need, no need to ask. Go forth and make more campaigns, for that is the true lifeblood of HLP!

Feel free to join #bta on Discord for discussion/support.

[DOWNLOAD] - Use Knossos:

Click below to get started.

Team & Testers
Admiral MS - Script God, Mission Destroyer
CommanderDJ - Writer, Kalev Ehin Articles
DefCynodont119 - Freding, Modback Design
IronBeer - OK Fine He'll FRED
MatthTheGeek - Modpack Extraordinaire
MjnMixael - Project Lead
Naomimyselfandi = Writing, Freding, Scripting
Lepanto - General Staff, Consistency Checking
Lorric - Writer, General Stuff
RgaNoris - Le WUT
SDM - Testing, Grammar, & General Shenanigans
Slasher - Speed FRED
Snail - Critical Critique

Admiral MS
No Tea

Known Issues:

* None currently!

* Please report bugs.


BTA1_Root received a small update. You can download that now with the links above or use the installer.

I'll release the rest of the campaign files around 1pm GMT on 10/25/2016.

Full downloads are now live!

BTA1_Core.vp hotfix uploaded. Fixes a small number of mission bugs, adds a forgotten bit to the credits.tbl, and renames a mission file to be more clear what it's for.

Download the file above or re-run the installer to update automatically.


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