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Report your bugs and issues here! I'll do my best to fix them quickly.  :)

Have just reached the start of the mission (see spoiler)... Spoiler:'Camp Angel'. Immensely impressed with it so far! :yes:.

Did find a couple of things in what I've played so far but only one potentially game-breaking (it didn't repeat when I did the mission again). Will put parts in spoilers to prevent leaking mission names or mission info;

Am playing on easy difficulty and running the 24th October Nightly.

In general:

* Had many situations where enemy fighters randomly fly off into the unknown (seem to recall someone mentioning this in another topic a few weeks ago, so might not be BTA). Spoiler:I recall one of them had a battlesnail following it so not sure if that's part of the cause?
* The following ships lacked a tech description though they appear in the tech room; Spoiler:Naeros, Exos, Acheron, Neta, Aurland
Spoiler:Mission 'Act of Volition':

* - I had a bug that meant the mission stopped progressing; it seemed to be the event that has the Intrepid saying the flight deck is now clear never triggered (the cruisers jumped out and we took out all the fighters, then nothing). It did when I re-did the end of the mission though.
* - One of the freighters, the Beset IIRC, got disabled during the mission. It didn't affect my play through (does it not matter for the mission?) but thought I'd note it just in case.
* - It may just be me being a crud pilot, but the barracudas in this mission seemed extremely hard to hit; I was unloading flails and avengers like a maniac (even firing missiles at them) and none of them seemed to take hits. Is it just me?
Spoiler:Mission'Hammer's edict':
* On my first try my ship got destroyed and I had a ctd with the following error message flashing up a couple of times. Did not stop the game from continuing though;
--- Code: ---Could not find index 'Target' in type 'object'

ADE Debug:


stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[string "shipsaveload-sct.tbm - On Game Init"]:223: in function 'cpsp'
[string "?"]:1: in main chunk

1: Userdata [object]
2: String [Target]

--- End code ---
Spoiler:Mission 'Camp Angel':

* In the briefing, the model of the Camp Angel says 'Diorama - Camp Angel' as it's class name. Doesn't break the game or anything but thought I'd pass on.
These don't change that fact that is an awesome campaign though. Superbly designed missions and a well thought out storyline to go with it. :yes:[/list]

T-Man are you running 3.7.4 for 3.7.5?


--- Quote from: mjn.mixael on October 25, 2016, 04:30:56 pm ---T-Man are you running 3.7.4 for 3.7.5?

--- End quote ---

3.7.5. The fs2_open_3_7_5_20161024_c930d1a_x64_SSE2 nightly build.

Can you retest with 3.7.4, that's the version that BtA is supporting.


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