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SerRes has its operational base on ModDB as well! Right here, you can find direct links to key downloads, releases and articles.
Official ModDB Profile
SerRes v.1.0.0 release announcement
Additional content, not strictly related to new releases, can be found here:
Arachnas installation overhaul
Insights on the Adharan Coalition and Regulus Syndicate
New Year's Update [2021]

We're proud to announce the creation of a dedicated Discord channel as well! Come in and talk to the developers.
Discord Channel

Looking for information concerning SerRes' lore and details? Here, we've got direct links to the various SR articles on the Wiki. This page will be expanded as more articles are created. Be advised that the following content is to be considered spoiler to the plot of Series Resurrecta campaigns.
Main FreeSpace Wiki Article
Do you want to learn more on SerRes' mods? Right here, you'll find all dedicated articles.
SerRes Campaigns Walkthroughs
Shadows of the Great War
Gehenna's Gate
The Spirit of Ptah
There's a specific section of the Wiki devoted to the vast Series Resurrecta lore.
Series Resurrecta Fictions
Complete Ship Database
SR Weapons
Famous Persons
Squadrons List
"Tales of a Reporter" lost texts


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