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The Proteuz Mandate

The fall of Capella was the pinnacle moment that effectively ended the Second Shivan War --- as most would want to believe. But those who had witnessed the battle only knew of one bitter truth that the obliteration of that system was not a victory. After the half-hearted celebrations and revelry, the GTVA leaders went back to work in the rebuilding and feverishly researching new technologies to build superior ships and new weapons prevailing upon a haunting notion that our nemesis is just looming over the event horizon of an uncharted jump node like a brooding viper, ever stalking like an unseen predator getting ready for another strike.

The effort to counter another intrusion of the Shivans, however, did not come as smooth as expected. Not all members in the GTVA High Council were unified their credence of the possibility of a third incursion. The majority of the Terran delegates from the General Assembly were in denial, totally convinced that such an offensive would most unlikely to occur since the only connection to their domain was severed. The Vasudan leaders regarded them as severely delusional, deliberately diverted their thoughts of this foreboding threat to the other less favorable venture; the study of the research data gathered from the Knossos gate that we destroyed in Gamma Draconis. The animated exchanges and debates in the council chamber did not dissuade the unyielding views of their Terran associates save for a few who wholly agree in upgrading the GTVA Armada. And so the Terran-Vasudan government were split their undertakings. The Vasudan emperor, Khonsu II, was perturbed of the apparent discord in the High Council and he was deeply concerned of the impact on the society as a whole.

The Vasudan Imperium representatives in the High Council and a handful Terran supportive delegates voted on a resolution to create the 'Proteuz Mandate.' A policy with the sole purpose of improving the military in anticipation of a Shivan attack. A special committee was formed and charged with the duties of recruiting the best scientists and engineers and to oversee the entire activities related to this endeavor. The brightest minds were immediately assembled and assigned to research centers. These facilities were built in secret and in remote locations, closely guarded and isolated for obvious security reasons. The products of this new policy were promising. New classes of destroyers and corvettes were completed and deployed in just two years but none of them compared to the powerful ships of the GTVA prototypes.