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I gave the Adonis an upgrade. This particular installation is the pretty much the very first model you see if you play BtA from start to finish, so I thought it needed to be modernized. Notably, this is even more a BtA version than the original one I used which was already an edited Goliath. This version only has the single dorsal turret as used in BtA. Instead the big mounts are intended to be some kind of greenhouse or other type of dome. It is supposed to be a research station after all! Now it really looks like a good place to do some artifact thievin'... :nod: Released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



Wow, that's a truly beautiful thing~ :)

In particular I love the way how all the details are actually modeled, I can zoom in to the maximum and it's still looks amazing :yes:

I really like this one and I'm pretty sure it will find its way in INFA when we resume progress on the project. :yes:

A true outpost of progress. It is nabbed


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