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Howdy gents,

In order to spare the Hard-Light Discord my endless spammage and to help provide me some much needed dopamine I've decided to throw together this thread to showcase how my modification is doing. Awhile back I released Cataclysm Beta 1.0.4 and everyone seemed to enjoyed it. So I kept going and have just about created a 22 mission campaign, including the first eight missions from the Beta, that tells the tale of me throwing the Volition node map into the proverbial blender. Speaking of which, some context:

Context and Setting
WIP Node Map, created in Blender
This is the Cataclysm node map, you'll notice systems new and old here and there with new and familiar connections. Quite simply, the Cataclysm (also known as the Collapse) was subspace calling it quits for awhile. Something or someone forced subspace to essentially reset itself, collapsing the nodes and making faster than light travel (as far as Terran and Vasudan kind is aware of) impossible for a decade. Once subspace had time to heal, connections had to be formed in order to restore a sorta "balance" that subspace had prior to the Cataclysm. Like your body healing from an injury, the results were good as new, emphasis on the "as". Subspace does not have set rules. Just because two systems were previously connected doesn't necessarily mean they'll be restored. Those nodes are still there but are too volatile for travel for Terrans or Vasudans. In their place new connections form. Leading both Terrans and Vasudans to new worlds and stars previously unexplored.

Being isolated from each other for ten years tends to create rifts. The GTVA as we know it is no more. In its place rises many blocs each with their own agendas, cultures, and economies. Three major factions play critical roles in Cataclysm's story:

The Union of Sol
Artwork by DamnDirtyCat
For those who haven't played the Beta: Sol is back. Reintroduced following subspace's reconciliation the new government of Sol: The Union of Sol, is a major contender on the galactic stage. Being isolated since 2335, they were largely unaffected by the Cataclysm and since their reintroduction they've adopted new technologies and strategies that allows them to level the playing field with the other two factions.

AntaresArtwork by DamnDirtyCat
The Cataclysm resulted in a period of bloodshed and political upheaval for the people of Antares. When the dust settled, a autocratic regime rose from the ashes like a phoenix. On paper, Antares is a Republic, but in reality the control rests largely with the President of Antares, presently headed by a former GTVA admiral and Antarean nationalist. Unlike Terran militants of the past, these cooperate with their Vasudan brothers and sisters. United under the banner of Antares, rather than along racial identities.

Vasudan ImperiumLogo by MjnMixael, from the Hard-Light Wiki
The Vasudan Imperium is headed by the descendant of Emperor Khonsu the II. Empress Satet continues her father's legacy and fosters amicable Terran and Vasudan relations. Despite their wary stance towards both Sol and Antares, the Imperium conducts open trade and discussion with both powers.

Cataclysm takes place 33 years following the events of Freespace 2. The galaxy reset button has ran its course. New nations and identities have emerged and old enemies are festering in the dark. But you are not alone, for you'll have your joystick and all the tools of war you could ever need:

For the initial full release here's what I'm aiming for:

* 6 strikecraft to fly
* 6 new primary weapons
* 7 new secondary weapons
* 22 playable missions with 3 in-game cutscenes
* New default command briefing animation featuring the Solar Security Command logo
* A more functional ranking system compared to retail
* Realistic point values for ships
* Improved Fury AI
For a future release I plan on:

* Additional cutscenes
* Full set of command briefing animations
* An Epilogue Campaign and an Expansion Campaign
* Complete set of briefing icons for each of the factions
Now without further delay, have some screenshots.

Nice! Interesting to see how the FreeSpace landscape has been shaken up. Sounds like a ton of work's gone into this and I like how you causally throw in that you've gone and done a 22 mission campaign just like that.


--- Quote from: Darius on July 29, 2023, 08:34:05 pm ---Nice! Interesting to see how the FreeSpace landscape has been shaken up

--- End quote ---

I prefer my settings shaken, not stirred :)

Come to find out making cutscenes is hard. Not in the mechanics aspect but moreso removing the "there's something missing here" itch. Regardless have some more screenshots.


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