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--- Quote ---I get an error about hacked and/or invalid table files!
Make sure that you're using the same mod as the server (i.e. FSPort or the 3.6.10 MediaVPs) and that you don't have any table (.TBM and .TBL) files hanging around in \FreeSpace2\data\tables or in \FreeSpace2\<Enabled Mod Folder>\data\tables.
--- End quote ---

     I just set up multi so I haven't actually played in any matches yet. The quoted troubleshoot is leading me to think you can't use cockpits or Swifty's HUD tables with multiplayer. Is this true and if it is can anything be done about it? I looked through the threads and I couldn't find anything.

     I realize the HUD code is still being tested and probably won't be in use with multiplayer yet, just curious about the future.

Stuff /could/ be done about it, but we will probably be enforcing strict rules regarding what huds can be used, which means I doubt we'll allow cockpits any time soon for obvious reasons.

Reason being - that multi is meant to be a 'from the same vantage point' experience.

Any changes for that would simply be reverted when SW finally gets out the door anyway.

Well if either are breaking multi we need to know about it ASAP.  Now stats may not save due to modified tables.  

As for QD's comment about enforcing what cockpits/HUDs can be used there has been some discussion on that.  The current thinking is that mods will control that and they will either be on or off for everyone.  I don't think the HUD part has been discussed too much yet.


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