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WIH Multi Test #2

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Deadly in a Shadow:
Sign me in, I want my revenge. But I hope that the RRRREDEMAHHHH is balanced.

(Remember the frigate battle in multi test 1?^^)

Few pointers:

* Install BP Multi on your PC before the event. Make sure to check if your BP Multi is updated 15 minutes before start, last minute files may be updated.
* BP Multi now uses a SVN to install the mod on your PC, no longer a simple download link, this allows for easier updating but requires some less conventional ways to install for the user. Check,73966.0.html to see how you use SVN's to install programs.
* Shut down any internet-using program you have other than freespace. No Torents, no P2P, no games using internet in the background: this will not only reduce your lag, but the suffering others do from your otherwise slowed down internet.
* Be there on time once a time is agreed on. Freespace needs the game host to shut down the mission through exiting if new players want to join the game, not convenient.
* If the game is busy, don't try to join the game a 100 times while it is already busy, like some people did last time. Just wait until the game-status is green and says forming. If you try to join again and again while the game already tells you that you cannot join, we all see that message too and the host may feel presured to break off the entire game. Wait your turn, last time we played plenty of rounds. :)

So, when will this be? :P

No such date is announced yet. Depends on the tyrrany of the majority. When do YOU want it?

From what I'm hearing, sometime next weekend works. That would be the 18th 19th or 20th of February.

The sooner the better for me.
I have this week off but not next week.


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