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Progress has slumped as I have recently been unable to acquire testers on IRC that can host multiplayer games. There are 2 coop conversions and several TvT/dogfight missions which have been sitting in the SVN untouched. (Missions which require multiple players to test)

I need testers to help provide direction for this project, otherwise I'm afraid that there will not be many changes between now and late march.

Lester also has a mission involving the in-mission jump mechanic which has never before been tested in multiplayer with multiple players. We have as of yet been unable to find someone to help us test it.

If you can host multiplayer games (able to forward ports) and would like to help us out, please send me or Lester a PM. It is essential to get feedback on our latest updates, and to go bughunting.

Was a funny sortie, but the last fight showed some wierd bugs or at least one major bug.

I started with the Gattler gun on my ship, but when I tried to fire the ammonition count jumped to something a few hundred thousand negative bullets, so I couldn't fire and whoever was in front of me had a good shot at me. :doubt:

However, the best sortie was the first one. I loved to fight these Feds.

I just played a couple of rounds on FSHero's server. Unfortunately, I didn't play enough to really judge balance. Here are some thoughts.

I didn't fly the Lao-Tze, but I saw it in motion. The AI (in the UEF gauntlet mission) is very difficult to destroy; using the Lao-Tze's extremely powerful afterburners to dodge and outrun missiles. Lester pulled off some impressive maneuvers in a Lao-Tze, and I imagine that he was difficult to hit for the opposing team.

UEF Gauntlet
 - There is a Solaris in the distance. It's pretty, but some of us experienced a low frame rate.
 - There aren't enough weapons on the loadout screen for every player.

Pre-emptive Strike (Lester already knows about these issues, but I've listed them for posterity)
 - No portal appears during the first jump. Also, the screen fades to black twice before the player appears at the second convoy.
 - The second jump didn't work at all, in our test.
 - After the first jump, the directives box and escort list do not update for the second convoy.
 - The mission needs a new key combination to allow the host to end the game early (since alt-J is used to jump).
 - The jump gates are destructible.

UEF vs UEF TVT battle
 - There's no music!

I don't know about anything else, but Lao Tze's are very vulnerable to primaries. They're almost twice as wide as an Uhlan.

Had an impromptu test earlier today. Here's some screenshots.

Today we tried out Lester's Tev convoy raid mission, Mars' UEF Gauntlet converted to multiplayer, and SDM's UEF vs UEF mission. A fun test which will yield progress in the future. Special thanks to FSHero for hosting, otherwise the test would not have been possible.


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