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Some of the action from Shade's game yesterday. Fighters from 2nd fleet taking out that bad bad corvette in SMR.

Had a multiplayer test not too long ago... it was pretty fun.
Battling the relentless adversary in Tev gauntlet:

Some Chaos in Delenda Est:

Well its about time, but it is finaly done!  TvTvT appears to be fully functional.

For those who haven't been keeping up, TvTvT is just that: a 3-team free for all where each team of 4 is pitted against 8 other players.


To show Scale

Would anyone be interested in seeing the Custos in the BP modpack? It is not currently in any of the missions, but it has potential uses. It would make a nice target in the capship coop mission Corvette Strike, or a nice addition to Lester's convoy assault mission 'Preemptive Measures'. Another nice thing is people can play around with it in the 'extended modpack' that bp multi is somewhat becoming.

I have it all ready to commit... Just a matter of if we want it in there or not.

the only concern i have it the file limits. if this doesnt put us past the limit or the limit no longer exists, then it would be one more awesome addition. should it be included in WiH R2, we may want to remove it when we adopt those files.


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