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ORS TECH ENTRY #34 - Post-Great War Solar System

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Interesting read. I hope we get to be on the rim side!

In contrast I wouldn't mind trying to fly for the Earth side.

We are damn, powerfull earth in every post-GW sol campaign :P. Main character is Europan.


--- Quote from: Betrayal on March 19, 2016, 06:08:30 pm ---GTD Salvation was dispatched to take over Adamant Shipyard on high orbit of Europa. Shipyard's personnel refused to obey, GTA boarding parties met with armed resistance and were forced to withdraw. As a result, Salvation destroyed the shipyard with its main cannons resulting in 4,000 casualties on board the station and further 40,000 when debris hit cities of Europa.

--- End quote ---
I didn't expect this kind of act, caught me by surprise. I like it :yes:

I'm seeing great potential in this mod :nod:

Looks like our beloved GTA are not good guys anymore :P


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