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ORS TECH ENTRY #39b - Operation Mjolnir (Part 2)


Remember how I said in my last post that things have gotten hectic around here? They've calmed down slightly enough that I am able to make this post after less than 2 weeks rather than the one month hiatus between Entry 38 and 39a. Without further ado, the next entry in the Exile: Into the Dark Waters Historical Database: Operation Mjolnir (Part 2).

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Operation Mjolnir (Part 2)
    The Liberation of Mars
By 2367 many of the pro-EFN leaders of Mars were very concerned about the situation on Earth. Another wave of political purges by the EFN government left the Federation unstable, divided and vulnerable to external threats. Although Martian participation in this political turmoil was rather half-hearted, fear had begun to grow for the planet's future within the Federation. Even in central, traditionally pro-Earth provinces like Xanthea and Acidalia, a pro-ORS political party began to rise in popularity and influence.

Two hours after the launch of Operation Mjolnir, when the first ORS raids hit several Martian orbital facilities, a secret offer was made by Fleetmaster Caliphtys to the leaders of several hesitant Martian provinces. In exchange for formally joining the Syndicate, or at least disarming Federate military and planetary defenses, the Syndicate promised not to bomb any targets in these provinces and guaranteed them full autonomy within the Syndicate after the war. While the previously independent provinces of Hesperia and Cydonia were more than eager to get rid of Federate rule once and for all, Xanthea, Meridia and most central provinces remained loyal to the Earth government.

The Syndicate offensive on Mars was led by Fleetmaster Caliphtys, now commanding the Galahad-class ORD Demetrius. His old ship, the ORD Ironclad, was also present under the command of a young and promising fleetmaster named Horatio Tyrone. Admiral Rossendarch defended Mars for four days, but eventually withdrew his flagship to Earth and undertook no further actions apart from launching fighter and bomber raids.

With almost full domination in both space and air support, the ORS ground forces advanced rapidly on the planet’s surface. Hesperia, Cydonia and several other provinces were captured after only a few weeks of fighting. Entire EFN battalions from these provinces defected to the ORS with the blessings of their local governments. The ORS planned to take the fight to the central provinces where the pro-EFN loyalists were too strong for those provinces to switch sides. Unfortunately, the EFN had turned their major cities into mighty fortresses surrounded with thick walls and packed with artillery batteries and aircraft bases. To soften these defenses, Fleetmaster Caliphtys began massive bombardments of the central provinces. This stage of the war came to be known in history as the ‘Eighteen Days Bombardment of Mars.’ During that period, the EFN military infrastructure was shattered, including the famous Acidalian Military Academy, numerous garrisons and several starports.

On November 14, the ORS flag was waving over the capital of Xanthea while several other EFN provinces were almost overrun. Soon after, the Syndicate accepted the unconditional surrender of Meridia. The total liberation of Mars was at hand.

To be continued in...Wounded beast's last breath!


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