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What the **** are you talking about?

I'm telling you to stop making your points like a dick all the time because you absolutely must be proven right in every discussion, which is exactly what you do every time you open your mouth anywhere.

General Battuta:
If you can't enter a discussion without launching into personal attacks, please don't.

Mito [PL]:
It is manifestly bad that you cannot muster the basic common decency to let people think over your suggestions and claims and not immediately attack them, even if they are objectively wrong in your presence.

I am starting getting the haunting feeling that this hostility and complete lack of any leeway for this fellow modder isn't just by random chance.

General Battuta:
I can't see anything in this thread would which would qualify as indecent or an attack. I don't even know which 'fellow modder' you're taking about.

If you are so upset by disagreements, please don't participate in them. You'll lose nothing and we can stay focused on the actual topic.

General Battuta:
Before you get more angry and make more posts, please consider that this thread has already resolved constructively. Ask yourself what more you want to get out of participating in it, and whether posting more will help you get that.


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