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It's a Start, but....

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patience :) I will upload some links this evening, at least those I know :)

* headdie sad that he only has MC1 so cant fully take part in these joyous events

uh... MC2 is released for free... Stripped down of multiplayer though, or at least that's what the review said.

Anyway, there are only 2 mods worth it and you can find them on dropship:

False statement.  I know of at least three more worth it campaigns that are on FilePlanet, and therefore require a subscription to download.

ok, for the sake of political correctness:
...IMHO  there are only 2 mods worth it...

Anyway, i liked the the one from the wolf-person. Loads of vehicles, not just mechs. But nothing can beat the Carver V, again imo. Renard and Baxter are just too good characters to be beaten :P


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