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Campaigns for 628?


I have not been here since MCO 424 and I am very impressed by MCO 628. The interface is very smooth and the 'mech bay and pilot ready area are very intuitive and look fine.  :yes:

I cannot help but wonder, are there any new campaigns that take advantage of all the possibilities MCO 628 offers? Are there any new campaigns at all? Or are there any old campaigns compatible with MCO 628 - preferable xxl ones - that you can recommend?

As far as I know, they're no new campaigns for 628 other than another modified Carver V mission but since they are working on another version, 628 most likely will not see a new campaign. Also, 628 has created a lot of new problems for modern PC players, I for example cannot see the bottom half on the campaign screens which prevents me from going from mission to mission so I have to play on version 424 in order to work. A lot of other players have this issue too.


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