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I didn't feel like creating a new thread, so I'l just add this stuff here, at the very beginning of the first post of this thread.

If you have problems with any of the FreeSpace games, please post at the FreeSpace & FreeSpace Open Support board. This is General FreeSpace Discussion board: you know, just some general stuff about FreeSpace. Preferrably no problem-solving here, kthxbai.

If you are having problems with FreeSpace, FreeSpace 2 or FreeSpace Open, please read through the Troubleshooting FAQ. It lists all the most common problems and solutions, and in 95% of the cases, it helps you solve whatever problem it is you're having. If you can't find an answer to your question there, feel free to ask; we're here to help you. But if you are going to start a thread about a problem, do it according to the following guidelines:
- modding-related questions (like what tools to use when modding) belong in the FreeSpace Modding board
- FRED-related question belong to the FRED Discussion board
- problems with total conversions (like The Babylon Project or Wing Commander Saga) belong to their respective boards
- mod/campaign-specific problems belong either to the mod's release thread or just in the Missions and Campaigns board
- all other problems (like installation problems) belong to the FreeSpace & FreeSpace Open Support board.

By posting in the right place you'll increase the chances of someone replying and helping you, and also help keep HLP in order. Thank you.
-- Jeff Vader

From karajorma's BtRL Tech Help and FAQ Thread:

About 90% of the time this sort of error is related to one of three sound errors or a graphics one.

1) You didn't install OpenAL; also found at ). If you didn't run this before running the game, run it now and see if that cures the problem.
2) Your OpenAL install is corrupt (Windows users check Windows\System32 for either ct_oal.dll or nvopenal.dll. These are the OpenAL 1.0 .dlls and they are causing the screwup. Delete them and run the OpenAL installer again). If that doesn't work try deleting OpenAL32.dll and wrap_oal.dll and then running the OpenAL installer again.  NOTE: Re-installing drivers for your sound card, or installing drivers for a different sound card might install OpenAL 1.0 over your current OpenAL.
3) You (windows users only) selected something other than Generic Software from the Launcher's Audio tab. Switch it back.

4) If you have an Intel-based on-board graphics card, you might have to try Direct 3D. FIRST, TRY UPDATING YOUR DRIVERS FROM INTEL! (direct link to download center here, works as of 6/17/08, select your GFX product from the left panel).  If this doesn't work, and you must use Direct3D, keep in mind that it's currently unsupported; which means if you get graphical problems using this option, don't cry about it... you were warned!  ;)

4) Is BtRL specific. It won't affect FS2_Open. You might want to make that a suggestion to try D3D on Intel cards though. :)

Is that good?  ;)

Yeah. Looks better to me. You might want to explain that unsupported means that you're largely on your own if you get graphical glitches.

kk, that better?


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