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It's a Recontruction Era campaign. What you are seeing are ships belonging to two Terran blocs that followed the collapse of the GTA - the Adhara Coalition and the Regulus Syndicate. Each faction has unique liveries.  :D


--- Quote from: Mad Bomber on December 08, 2020, 02:09:06 pm ---Nifty, is that a TV War-era campaign in the works? I spy a Jupiter, after all...

--- End quote ---
It's a retrofit of T-V era design. Currently used as torpedo frigate by Regulus Syndicate.

Very special thanks to bogus for sending us this screenshot!  :pimp:

...he sent another screen. The following pic is both frightening and gorgeous!  :D


The deeper you venture, the more stranger things you may find :]

More Serendipity screenshots, this time they've been taken by fellow member Colt.  :)


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