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GOG/Knossos question.

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Good evening and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.   I'm certain this question is already answered and couldn't find it throughout the forums, but i've bought Freespace 2 on gog and reinstall knossos.  Can't seem to find all the mods, only seeing 11 mods.  Am i doing something wrong here or the files are in the wrong place? 

Mito [PL]:
Okay, that sounds strange. To clarify, I understand there is only this many mods in the Explore tab? Also, did you let Knossos install retail FS2 when installing FSO too?

The mods you're seeing are the total conversions that don't require retail FS2 to be installed.  Like Mito said, this implies that you either didn't point Knossos to a retail FS2 install, or else something went wrong when it tried to find retail.  I know there's a way to get Knossos to figure out its crap with that, but I'll defer to someone who's more knowledgeable.

Mito [PL]:
Knossos used to be able to extract the required retail files from the GOG installer file itself, but that isn't the case anymore. GOG changed something in the installer and now Knossos can't do it correctly. Now you need to actually install FS2 and point Knossos to it. If you press the gear symbol in the topright corner of the Knossos interface, it will take you to a settings menu and you should see a "Install FS2" button, or something like that, you can use this to point Knossos to FS2 again.

Ah ok, i found the install button.   Didn't see that there.   I thank you all.   You all have a great holidays  :D


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