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I returned - an i am buffed!


Hello hardlighting guys!

i always loved Decent and Freespace 1/2 in former times. I loved this community when i discovered what you did for tremendously work in modding to pimp those FS2 up delivering unbeleavable content. It took me hours and weeks to figure out to install all the stuff and sometimes got crazy by manual use of MVPs and all the other stuff, but i loved it.

And now - after dreaming of War in Heaven recently - i returned here to check it out again.

And seeing what you did here!!! So much progress - so much content - so much Knossus installer...

You guys - are epic!!! I cant find other words on that.

Thank you so much for enable me again to enjoy some hours of wonderful space sim.

As life goes there is not so much time then before for gaming but i still love and enjoy. And i will give feedback agin when i am able. To give at least some small part of input from my side.

So far - have fun and a nice time!!


Colonol Dekker:
Welcome back dude.   The authors appreciate your praise I'm sure 👍

Iain Baker:
Ditto, welcome back :-) There are over 100 campaigns on Knossos now and I know of several more that are in various stages of development, so you will have plenty of stuff to play. Finding the time to do so might be a challenge of course ;-)


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